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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 26, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we have clouds but they are high thin clouds and i expect a pretty sunrise and decent amount of sunshine. chilly in martinsburg, winchester, manassas, middle 30s. it is 40 at dulles. nance and reagan national is 47. cambridge and southern maryland in the lower 50s. a mix of sun and high clouds. highs low to mid-60s with a drive home temperature 60. 6:00 straight up. time for traffic. >> hello, washington, d.c. and maryland. some better news on 95 northbound. some crash activity at 123. it is clear. however it add to that delay stretching from prince william parkway to lorton. keeping things moving and take it to the inner loop where we will look at route 4, route 5 and branch avenue and crane highway. we are incident free out here. back outside, 66 heading eastbound. we are low from 234 to 29
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centreville. using the brakes from 50 to 123. what's up on 270, delayed father hurley to 370 an the outer loop. volume is picking up between new hampshire over to colesville. over to you. the dc city council will hold its first hearing on the same-sex marriage bill this afternoon. opponents of the bill who don't want this decision left in the hands of council members will voice their views. digital correspondent alex trevino is live from the wilson building with more. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. the debate over whether the district should legalize same- sex marriage is entering the final stages. hundreds have signed up to testify for what may be one of the largest council hearings ever. many of these people at freedom plaza were bussed here straight from their churches. their clergy preaching a sermon that stretched beyond the church walls. they oppose gay marriage saying their beliefs are backed by the
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bible. >> i am a craig and believe in one man and one woman. >> marriage is between a man and woman, not two people of the same gender. >> it is -- i believe the word of god in its entirety. the people who think differently we don't hate them, we love them. >> reporter: while supporters say it is a human rights issue that require a vote by the public. these people don't feel the same way. >> to have an antigay rally down here with no, nobody to speak for the other side. so i felt there should be at least somebody here. >> dan kauffman expects he will have support when both sides testify before city council. folks on both sides are expected to be here for a clash as a council committee takes up the issue at 2:30 this afternoon. live in northwest washington, alex trevino, 9 news now and with just nine days until election day, several virginia newspapers have endorsed their
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gubernatorial candidate. creigh deeds picked up the endorsements at the roanoke times and the norfolk virginiaen pilot. and mcdonnell picked up the following endorsements -- we have links to the editorials on our website at this morning three u.s. metropolitans have crashed in afghanistan. two collided in the southern part of the country killing four american troops and injuring two. no word yet on what caused the crash. in the western part of country, a third helicopter went down during an operation against militants. seven u.s. troops and three american civilian contractors were killed in that crash. president obama is condemning sunday's suicide bombings in baghdad, calling them outrageous attacks. the pair of bombings killed at least 147 people and wounded hundreds more. it was the country's deadliest attack in more than two years.
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today the u.s. senate sends a health care reform bill to the congressional budget office for a official cost estimate. the bill includes a national health plan which will allow states the option of dropping out. it also does not require businesses to provide health insurance for their employees. however, large firms would be penalized if workers need government subsidies to buy coverage on their own. the congressional budget office estimates 17 million americans will remain uninsured under the senate's bill. according to "usa today," that number includes families who earn too much to qualify for medicaid but don't earn enough to pay for health insurance. the estimate also includes people who choose to pay a fine rather than buy coverage and those eligible for medicaid but don't enroll. however, the bill will cover 29 million americans who were previously uninsured, meanly
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roughly 94% of all americans will have some form of health coverage. time for another living smart report. and jessica doyle is back and she's seeing a change of direction for the job market. >> that's right. this is the change we want to see. the job market, it appears the outlook is bright brightening. the portion of companies planning to add employees in the next six months outnumbered those expecting to cut jobs the report from the national association of business economics. 24% plan to grow their work force. 20% say they will trim staff and 57% expect no change at all. the companies appear to be ramping up after customer demand picked up for the first time since june of 2008. later this week we will find out whether construction of new homes is picking up. the trend could mean more construction jobs and that tends too boost ticket items.
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buyers raced to take advantage of the $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit. but prices aren't showing much rebound since forked homes continue to drag prices lower. arming on the county residents should prepare for a double whammy of bad news, higher taxes and cuts to schools and other services. our partners at the examiner say the county is trying to offset a $44 million in short fall. and on the table, up to an 8% hike in property taxes. cuts to schools could include layoffs in cutting clubs, activities and teacher the stipends. arlington is not the only area facing these problems. >> absolutely. don't expect a quick response if you are trying to get the district's 311 public information line. the examiner reports less than two-thirds of all 311 calls are answered within 30 seconds. the call center handles
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information about city services including trash pickup and potholes. the good news is that 911 calls are answered within five seconds 96% of the time. a new study says federal health officials need to regulate drugs and the vatican talk about a group -- break away group of traditional catholics. good morning. maryland is quiet this morning. some high clouds but the story is temperatures which are on the cold side, especially in the western sections. near the bay warmer. look at 36 from cumberland. and southern maryland, cambridge, 52 patuxent river. looking at a good deal of sunshine today with high clouds. mid-60s in leonardtown and 63 frederick. angie is watching the maryland traffic. >> that's right, maryland. this is all about you. 16th and georgia avenue, we are
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free flowing at this intersection. over to old georgetown road and arlington road. the same situation. as we flip the camera over no incidents or accidents to report. let's go ahead an skip that camera and fly the bw parkway. >> we are moving and clear. over to you. it is easy to make a decision right away if you are using your head to think but the direct answer may lie within your heart. best selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains. >> reporter: good morning. this is willie jolly. today's live better tip for success is to learn to think with your heart. scripture says as a man thinks in his heart so is he. many may not have heard that scripture but i had no idea what it men. i thought it was supposed to be go with the play and whatever happened or didn't happen is the way it was supposed to be and those who were successful
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were lucky. i would go with the storm and like i was lost in a storm. and then i started to realize i have some personal responsibility for my success. that my thinking determined my actions. i reread that verse over and over again and came to see it was not just the thinking in my head but my heart. my heart contains my true core beliefs. the beliefs that determine what and who i am. what you think in your head can be different from what you have many your heart. learn to tapping in to your heart and you will be amazed at what you find. visit my website at willie for free motivation and make this a great day. like nestle fun-size candy, 2 for $4. giant large eggs, 1-dozen carton, 10 for $10, and other weekly specials and real deal savings. enjoy more savings, only with your giant card. tightening your purse strings? shop with your giant card
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and save on thousands of deals, like quaker chewy granola bars, 2 for $5. jell-o or jell-o pudding, now 2 for $6, and other real deal savings and weekly specials. enjoy more savings, only with your giant card.
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'tis the season for bear hunting, at least in western maryland. the season for black bear hunting opens today in garrett and allegheny counties. last year, hundreders killed 56 bears in maryland. right now we are joined by kristin fisher and she has an update to a hero central story we brought you last week. >> on thursday we told you about a joint initiative about rebuilding together and cricket communications. the two teamed up to renovate homes and brian free broad bandores internet to residents in the poorest parts of dc. this saturday, hundreds of volunteers turned out in the anacostia neighborhood put the finishing touches on two homes and i want to thank vicki for sending in shots of these students helping out in the
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weekend effort. for 30 years rebuilding together of wag washington has been renovating about 100 homes a year for free for low-income families this year they received a $50,000 donation from cricket communications and they used the money to renovate two homes in anacostia, but they also extended the contribution beyond home repairs. on saturday, cricket gave the homeowners new laptops and free broad band internet for one year. there's a shot right there of one of the homeowners getting his new laptop. that is james burden. we have one more homeowner who got a free laptop and her name iser necessary teen andrews and in the next few weeks cricket will donate modems and free service to hundreds of households in the the greater washington area. it is a great story and help too many residents and you can stay tuned for more. we will let you know when it
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takes place as soon as we find out. >> if you have an idea for an upcoming hero central segment, we'd love to hear about it. e-mail us at we are getting good e-mails in. a lot from you and a lot of people inside the channel 9 family. >> people are seeing us and know about it. congressional investigator say the food and drug administration is keeping certain drugs for cancer and other diseases on the market, even when followup studies show the drugs don't save lives. a report is due out today and it also shows the fda never pulled the drug off the market due to a lack of required followup. they say agency officials should do more to track whether approved drugs actually live to their promise. the vat kin begins talks to bring a group of breakaway traditionalist catholics under
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its wings. they will attend meetings aimed at overcoming the theological differences which prompted the group to originally split from rome. the discussion will likely be lengthy. a 600-acre wildfire in the santa cruz mountains is a 20% contained. a trailer and two out buildings have been destroyed and 150 homes a businesses are threatened. it is burning near an area where a summit wildfire destroyed 29 homes last year. >> interesting time of the year out there. they get these dry stretches and with an el nino winter they could get good storms coming in. so we will see a week or two ago where they had the rain and mudslides. a tough few months out there. >> you wonder why anyone wants to be there but it has their advantages. >> that's why we are on this coast. >> i put the call out for photos and michael e-mailed these to me. he was on skyline drive around
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the 22nd. great shots out there. another shot from a couple of days later how things changed quickly. this is one of his favorites, a little baby bear the tree. looked at it a half hour and mama was sleeping and he didn't get any closer than that. he is smart but thank you for sending them in this morning. let's talk weather. today is sunny and nice. high clouds. low to mid-60s. tomorrow cloudy and showers possible. then looks like rain will be falling on wednesday. high of 60 degrees. your moms like bus stop forecast. grab a jacket and maybe the gloves. 30s and 40s under clear to partly cloudy skies with a high clouds and light wind. mostly sunny even though we will have light clouds around. low to mid-60s. tonight the clouds increase. chilly. in the 40s. i don't think in the 30s thanks to cloud cover and a light northeast wind.
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some clouds out there right now 46 degrees and with a north northwest wind at 6:00 it feel -- six it feels like 43. it is 52 thanks to the warmer waters. but 35 winchester and 34 cumberland. andrews is 4 as is quantico and here in town 46. south an central texas. look at the rain, even north texas a lot of activity. it will be moving in our direction. right now the high clouds, but this rainstorm will be arriving a little bit tomorrow but i think in ernest tomorrow night and then on wednesday. and then we warmup for the second half of the week. tomorrow 58 with a shower or two possible. better chance on wednesday. thursday and friday nice. upper 60s to low 70s. halloween, chance of showers in the afternoon or evening, 72 and then a nice day for the start of standard time on
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sunday, 70. angie, what do you have? >> i have a tieup in virginia. that's how we quick off this traffic report for those who travel on 66 eastbound approaching route 50. we have crash activity taking away two left lanes for drivers. this is adding to the delay from the fairfax county parkway to 123 and before that we are slow from 284 to centreville. keeping it moving, delayed from edsall to seminary. no accidents. live from kenilworth and eastern halve. here's the shot. hardly any volume. taking it to the maps, route 4, rout 5, 301, normal delays. no incidents to report and wrap it up with the outer loop from netanyahu to georgia below speed. over to you. it is 6:17. time for the "usa today" segment. electronic smokeless cigarettes. they are opening a new debate in the fight against tobacco. joining us is lauren ashburn who got the brown leather
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jacket memo. >> i'm sorry. i should have watched earlier before i came in. battery operated smokeless cigarettes with nicotine do not have tobacco or tar and people are smoking them. i know. >> they have nicotine. >> they have nicotine, no tobacco or tar. but they don't say it is smoking but vaporizing them because there is no smoke. >> you get the nicotine and people we talked to say it helps them to kick the habit. so the electronic cigarette association, there's a new association for everything. says they don't contain the most chemicals found in chemicals. the fda, which regulates tobacco and tobacco products said they did a test and it does contain car sin jeb like the chemical used in
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antifreeze. >> how widespread are these cigarettes? >> i was shocked we hadn't heard of this. a half of a million people are using them. they are made in china and becoming more prevalent but as they become more prevalent. legislators across the country are putting bans in to affect and the first one, oregon actually banned the district of them in the state. >> are you buying these at stores, brick and mortar stores or on-line. >> both. >> so you can look at the other legislatures and what they have been doing. we have, in oregon they banned them. in california they passed a bill and the governor vetoed it saying people should be allowed to do what they want and they are also banning the sale to minor because it has flavoring like strawberry and chocolate.
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>> just say no. you can read more in the "usa today." the redskins prepare to take on a division rival and the baseball world turns it attention a northeast world series. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. we begin the sports headlines with game six of the nlcs. the yankees took on the angels. damon's rbi hit gets new york a 2-1 lead in the fourth. the score 3-1 in the 8th. rivera gives up an rbi hit to guerrero. oh, yeah, but the yankees score on an angels error in the bottom of the inning and go on to win 5-2 and claiming their
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40th league pennant. former nationals manager manny tack is heading to the american leagues he turned down an offer from the astros and is taking over now as manager for the indians. metro transit plans to keep blue line trains running until 12:27 to accommodate crowds. if the game goes in to overtime, metro says it will have trains available to get fans home. the redskins beat the eagles twice last year, but to win tonight they will need a new improved offense. sherman lewis will call plays from the booth that will be translated in to skins lingo for campbell. all of this taking place in front of a national audience. the giants hosted the cardinals last night in the second quarter. manning's pass is deflected but nix is on the spot, grabbing the ball and going 2-yards for
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the score in a giants lead. arizona came back in the second half. warner hits the pass and wright went in for the touchdown and the cardinals held on to win it 24-17. metro begins to test the new crash prevention system and we are now officially in the middle of a national health emergency. our time is 6:25. you are watching 9 news now. it is 46 degrees. 1c ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷
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i'm steve shannon, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. in this attack ad, ken cuccinelli says, "it's a study in contrasts and judgment," and it is. steve shannon was a fairfax county prosecutor who convicted hundreds of drunk drivers. ken cuccinelli has no experience as a prosecutor. and ken cuccinelli opposed tougher penalties for repeat drunk drivers. he said, quote, "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." that's the true contrast. "a suspect might not recall a previous dui arrest." you wanted more. u waed videos and phos... ail and brdband.
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students at harvard university 0 are on edge after six researchers were poisoned from drinking the same batch of coffee the students received e- mails from campus police asking them to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. the researchers drank a type of preservative commonly used in laboratories. all of the researchers are believed to be okay. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this monday morning. howard is out on the terrace. a nice forecast today. today may be the best of the week. >> well, the best of the beginning of the week. by thursday and friday you will love what's coming our way. we just have to get there first. no frost on the pumpkin on the terrace but to the west mid-
6:30 am
30s. charlie in catlick said 37 there. not frosty but i saw some frost on the cars in upper montgomery when i left there 2:30 this morning. 36 there from winchester. 37 in culpeper. oakland at 41. southern maryland you are warm relatively speaking in the low 50s and jan in reedville at 55. a mixture of sun and high clouds today. highs low to mid-60s. drive home 60. 6:30 straight up. time for angie with traffic. follow me on twitter. oh my goff is my handle. i tweet the traffic all morning long. 6 approaching 50. beers better news here the crash activity is to the shoulder. slow from the fairfax county parkway to 123 and inner loop is moving okay from the wilson bridge past 95 and braddock road to 66. on 270 looking at tacking on 15
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to 20 minutes to make it from father hurley to she split and i present to you 95 and the bw parkway. looks like 95 in the yellow. below speed from 198 to powder mill. that's just volume. that's the traffic. now, over to you. >> thank you. today the dc council will hold the first public hearing on a same-sex marriage bill. opponents and supporters of the bill are expected to speak up at the hearing. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live outside of the wilson building in northwest with more. >> reporter: some people firmly believe legalizing gay marriage is too important of an issue to be decided only by council members. opponents want their voices heard, too and today at the wilson building council will put it under consideration. >> reporter: religious leaders led a rally with a clear message against the legalization of same-sex marriage in dc. these opens say the truth is in the bible. >> i'm a christian and i believe in one man, one woman.
6:32 am
>> marriage is between a man and a woman. not two people of the same gender. >> reporter: supporters say it is a human rights issue that doesn't require a vote by the public. some don't have the same feelings. >> to have about antigay rally down here with no -- nobody speaking for the other side. so i felt there should be at least somebody here. >> reporter: many people on both sides of the argument are expected to show up at the hearings. despite the opposition voiced the same-sex marriage bill is expected to easily pass with 10 of 813 council members pledging support. live in northwest washington, alex trevinoing 9 news now and >> thank you. metro plans to put a new train detection system to the test during the rush hour. the test comes four months after the deadly metro train crash on the red line. after the crash, federal safety investigators said the crash avoidance system was
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inadequate. they called for the transit agency to develop a what backup. we are in the mid of a national emergency. this weekend president obama signed a declaration making the h1n1 flu a national emergency which means health care providers can bypass some federal regulations to respond faster to the crisis. one of the things this allows is a waiver of federal rules for alternate treatment sites. something john hop kins in baltimore is already doing. >> actually it is sort of a lounge so that patients can go there directly and not have to mix with all the other patients in the emergency room. it is a way to protect them and also to protect the other patients. >> reporter: the big problem nationwide is getting enough h1n1 vaccine. federal health officials expected 120 million doses to be distributed by now but on 1/10 of that has gone out. advocates for maryland's
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disabled residents will meet in anne arundel county to voice their concerns for up pending budget cuts. programs have been cut by $29 million. groups representing some 20,000 maryland residents want the governor to restore some of the funds in next year's budget. inmates in frederick county may have to fork over some money soon. the sheriff wants to charge inmates as much as $35 for services they receive in the county jail. he says his plan could raise $1 million a year. county commissioners are expected to vote on the proposal this week. if approved it would be sent to state lawmakers for their consideration. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back. we are looking at on-line privacy concerns this morning. >> good morning. we are starting off with a question, are on-line retailers going too far and tracking all of the stuff we do on-line. privacy and consumer groups
6:35 am
think so and they are urging congress tone act laws to protect us. they report on huge advances in on-line tracking technology. not only can they track how long we look at product descriptions but also what we are searching for, even the embarrassing stuff and store that data in a user profile that helped to pitch more products to us on an individual basis. speaking of buying stuff did you ever pick up a baby einstein dvd and hope it could turn your baby in to a genius. disney is expanding a refund. it is offering cash refunds on any dvds bought from june 5th 2004 to september 4th of this year. buyers can also exchange dvds for a baby sign stein book or cd or receive 25% off of a product. gas prices are higher lately.
6:36 am
the gas price has jumped 18 cents over a three week period. analysts say the first big jump since late june is what we are seeing now. aaa shows the average price is 2.63-gallon and up 18 cents the past month. oil prices have surged 25% so far this month. way higher than they were. >> who knows what happens the rest of the winner season, huh? >> thank you, jessica. if you want to have a say about tolls on the icc here's your chance the board will hold public hearings on the toll plan for the 18.8-mile highway. the board proposed rush hour toll of 25 to 35 cents a mile. off peak rates would range from 20 to 30 cents a mile. that means it could cost $6 to ride the highway. the meetings will be on highway high point high school in
6:37 am
beltsville and thursday at shady grove middle school in gaithersburg, maryland. this year's marine corps marathon is one every service member can be proud of. and it is time to focus on virginia's traffic and weather. let's start with howard. we have a chill in virginia this morning. to our west i wouldn't be surprised if there is frost on the pump ken. other than a few high clouds a quiet morning. to the shenandoah valley mid- 30s from winchester even to the shenandoah regional airport 42. catlick, manassas 37 and ft. belvoir 31 and fredericksburg in southern virginia or at least south for us 44. sunshine and few high clouds. look at the virginia traffic. with that, here's angie. >> thank you very much. 66 eastbound, i want to keep you update. we have an accident blocking the left lane again.
6:38 am
this is adding to that delay we are seeing stretching from 28 to the fairfax county parkway. toward arlington -- actually this is the dulles toll road. we're flying it past the airport to the toll plaza. a little congestion is starting to build. no incidents or accidents. take it outside and show you articling on the. the area approaching it. 50 and patrick henry drive. that's where we are incident free. skip that camera. how about that? good morning. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. time to look at what is coming up on the "early show." russ mitchell is live in new york city with a preview. good morning, russ. >> good morning to you. coming up, the president declares the h1n1 outbreak a national emergency. so why are we short millions of doses of vaccine?
6:42 am
we will hear from the secretary of health. and a formal leader of the james ray dream team speaks out about the sweat lodge tragedy and what he knew beforehand. and a former member of the texas log mist sect reveals what went on at the compound. that and more on the "early show." you have the redskins and eagles tonight. it will be the week for the skins? >> let's putt it this way, there's going to be a lot of translating from the booth to the field to jason campbell. let's hope it works out somewhere -- somewhere along the line. >> you are going to run for congress, aren't you? [ laughter ] kristin has a look at what's hot on the web including video you don't want to miss or maybe you do. >> especially if you are eating your breakfast. i have three viral videos and think are attempts at setting
6:43 am
various world records. the record for who can hold the most cockroaches. this saturday people in mount rainier in baltimore are joining thousands of people around the world in an attempt to set a world record for the most people performing the same dance at the same time. the dance of choice, can you tell what it is, michael jackson thriller. the current record is held by the hokey pokey. the next world record attempt takes place on the other side of the world in lebanon. this weekend, 300 lebanese chefs set the world record for the largest plate of humus ever. they made two tons of the famous middle eastern dish taking the world title from their neighbors in israel. i love humus and it is much more appetizing than this next guinness world record attempt. >> one, two, three.
6:44 am
>> oh, four. >> you are watching a man who's putting madagascar hissing cockroaches in his mouth and he is a mississippi pet store employee. on friday, sean murphy fit 16 in to his mouth in an attempt to set a new guinness world record and he said he did it. the old record was 11. murphy got 16 but he has to wait a few weeks for it to be certified by officials. he say he may try for 20 next year. i was listening to an interview with him. he said the worst part is they don't bite or anything. but what you have to watch for is the cockroaches by crawl down your throat and they have barbs on your throat and it could cut the lining on your throat. >> is it safe to look. >> where i come from.
6:45 am
where i come from they are not hissing but flying. >> you can put a saddle on them. good morning. the good people at the haitian embassy we were there raising money for a hospital in haiti yesterday. wonderful entertainer including the ambassador. i want to go away from that story. don't want to think about it. >> i have to make one point. a lot of people in many parts of the country regularly eat bugs. >> i think they do in china and they are deep fried and chocolate coated. those weren't. >> i had a chocolate covered cricket. >> today is a nice day. we have a rainstorm moving in. gets in here tomorrow and tomorrow night and wednesday is when we will feel it. today sunny and high clouds. still nice. low to mid-60s arm tomorrow in the this upper 50s and then with a shower or two by afternoon and wednesday looks like a cool rain and highs 50s
6:46 am
to around that 60-degree mark and then it gets better. moms like bus stop forecast. generally clear and chilly. high clouds, 30s and 40. sunrise is 45 minutes away. 7:30 is when the sun will cross the horizon. mostly sunny and seasonably cool. low to mid-60s. northeast winds at five to ten with the sun setting 6:15. increasing clouds and chilly tonight. lows in the 40s. i don't think we will see 30s thanks to cloud cover. right now we have 40s in town with a wind chill of 43. not a lot of wind. the dew point is 41 and the barometer is steady at 3027. temperatures ranging big, southern maryland to cambridge, lower 40s. mid-30s and low 30s in a few spots with a little frost to the shenandoah valley. it is 42 at dulles. 37 frederick and culpeper. jan in reedville 55 degrees.
6:47 am
the real cold stuff is in the rockies. there's some temperatures. it is leadville or leadville, colorado. four above zero. the warmth is coming up on the east side of the country, chicago 51 in advance of a cold front which you can see firing up big time. a lot of upper level energy. the low-level moisture feeding in to it an showers and storms are heavy in central and eastern texas. that area of low pressure. that's coming toward us as we get in to tomorrow and wednesday. in the short term, high clouds on top of us. get ready for the rain by the middle of the week. tomorrow afternoon could see showers. here's the seven day, 63 today. cloudy tomorrow with a couple of showers, 58. rain on wednesday near 60. thursday and friday upper 70s to low 70s. halloween maybe a shower or in the afternoon or evening.
6:48 am
sorry trick-or-treaters. and sunday, 70 degrees. >> we are falling back this weekend. thank you, howie b. we are getting geared up for that 7:00 hour. looks like we are jammed up on 66 eastbound from route 28 over to 123 and then before that from about 234 to 29 centreville. crash activity approaching 50 and blocking the left lane adding to those delays. 95 northbound. i'm estimating the drive from 45 minutes from dale city to lorton. a lot of congestion going on out there. 395 northbound delayed in two spots from 495 to seminary and again the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. suitland parkway and south capital street. a free flowing ride. and 270 southbound an extra 25 minutes or so to make it from father hurley to the split. no incidents or accidents. andrea, over to you. it is only happened twice before in the marine corps marathon's 34 year history. this weekend, an active member
6:49 am
of the military was the first to break the tape. armando trull has more. >> almost 30,000 marathoners answered the starters ' gun on saturday morning. while most ran the 26.2-mile course. others just did it their way. john ran away with first place. a woman from ethiopia won the woman's title the baby marathon, 10 k race was won by a washington, d.c. native. >> it is mainly luck and i lucked out today. it was fun. >> thous who crossed the finish lane. >> didn't win? >> no. but it is about promoting health and wellness and for my fallen friends. >> there are thousands of runners participating in the marine corps marathon. all of them have stories to tell. here's some of them.
6:50 am
>> tell me what the shirt is all about here. >> our husbands are currently deployed. >> reporter: he's run the marine corps marathon 17 times. >> i'm a retired marine. my son's a marine, and this is a fabulous marathon. >> she came from england, husband, daughter and dog tinkerbell. >> tinkerbell going to help. >> she gives me the okay to go. >> this 76 year ran with his son. >> you want to run a marathon, do so before i kick the bucket. >> those that didn't were part of the 155 passages. it is well worth it. >> armando trull for 9 news now and >> 13,000 of the 30,000 runners came from the district, maryland and virginia. a college football star killed after a continental pus
6:51 am
party will be laid to rest today and doctors say working out regularly could help improve your immune system. it is 6:51. you are watching 9 news now.
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in the news now at 6:54. today, family, friends and teammates will come together to bury university of connecticut quarterback howard. howard was stabbed death outside of a dance on uconn's campus last sunday. no one has been charged in his death. a new study says at least one in five american children don't get enough vitamin d. that could put them at risk for a variety of health problems, ebb clouding weak bones the analysis is set to be redeyesed -- released today by the journal pediatrics. hitting the gym regularly may help to fight the flu. research suggests that people who exercise moderately suffer fewer and less severe colds and flu infections than those that
6:55 am
don't take part in physical activity. they also warn overdoing workouts could increase a person's vulnerability to those same infections. a nice start to the week here with a good deal of sunshine and high clouds. 60 for the drive home with highs in the lower to mid-60s. angie's traffic and the seven- day forecast is coming up.
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paranormal activity took in $22 million continental paired to 14.8 for the debut of saw xi. so far paranormal, which only cost $15,000 to make has grossed $62 million. a lot of advertising on twitter and facebook. a look at the top five.
6:59 am
paranormal, saw vi. where the wild things are, law abiding citizen and couples retreat. >> i haven't even seen saw i. >> i saw poltergeist when i was a child and that did me. no thanks. i will stick to charlie bruin and the great bump kin. drivers are backed to the beltway. 66 eastbound an accident approaching route 50 blocking the left lane. below speed from 28 to 123 and up to 29 centreville. on -- on the outer loop, plus 15. sunrise 7:30. sun and high clouds today. clouds tomorrow with a couple of showers. rain on wednesday. looking good on thursday, friday and much of halloween but could be a couple of showers in the afternoon. as for wall street we had a little pull pull back last week but investors want to


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